Explore Seinäjoki and South Ostrobothnia

Off-side the official agenga we will offer our conference guests a possibility to take part in few traditional touristic experiences such as sauna & swimming, guided walk in the nature and around the Alvar Aalto Centre.

Besides arranged activities there is also plenty of other possibilities to do and explore on your own.

Get familiar with the possibilities:

Welcome to the region of Food and Entrepreneurs

Seinäjoki is the centre of the province of South Ostrobothnia. The region is one of Finland’s key areas for entrepreneurship and agriculture. South Ostrobothnia plays an important role in Finnish food technology development and food industry. South Ostrobothnia is also home to several beverage producers.

The region has several technology clusters, and the regional centre Seinäjoki serves as a major logistical hub. South Ostrobothnia is also home to a highly specialised metal subcontracting industry.

Seinäjoki has approx. 65 000 inhabitants. Seinäjoki is known for its summer events, entrepreneurial spirit and its administrative and cultural centre designed by Alvar Aalto. It also hosts big food companies like Valio and Atria.