Conference Venue

Most parts of the conference will be organised at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Campus (SeAMK Campus) in a walking distance from the city center.

Visiting address: Kampusranta 11, Frami F building, Seinäjoki


About SeAMK Campus and Frami

SeAMK Campus is part of Frami that is a concentrated research centre for companies and universities as well as being the city’s most significant meeting and congress building complex. Over 1,000 employees from companies and organisations work in the Frami area accompanied by 5,000 students. The Frami area and the SeAMK Campus on the riverbank of the Seinäjoki River is a cosy study and working environment, whose modern facilities combined with the river landscape provide a stimulating environment for studying and working. Most of the event during the conference are located in Frami F Building.

Get to know SeAMK’s Campus  in more detail on a virtual tour with 3D map and 360 images and videos: Virtual SeAMK Campus.

How to reach Frami and SeAMK Campus

Walking: SeAMK Campus is located in a nice walking distance from the city center. The distance from the train station and most of the hotels is around 1,5km, 15-20 minutes walk. You can reach Frami F by 15-minute walk from Seinäjoki train station straight via Kalevankatu and then Kampusraitti bridge across the river. Frami F is the brown, steel-coated building located on the right when viewed from the bridge. Here you may find google maps route from the train station to meeting venue: Google Maps route.

Taxi: Seinäjoki taxi center is located at the railway station (in front of the station entrance). Telephone number of taxi centre is +358 100 84 999. The address of Frami campus area is Kampusranta 11, Seinäjoki. You may also request your hotel reception to booyou a taxi and pick you up straight from the hotel.

Cars: You can park your car in the Frami P Parking hall. The address: Kampusranta 7. More information about parking: Frami P parking hall.

Public transportation: Frami can also be reached by bus. The line 8 is driving between the city center (Koulukatu) and Frami. There are connections every 30 minutes. The travel time is around 10-15 minutes. Tickets can be purchased from the driver or with cash, card or devices having Apple Pay, Google Pay or Mobile Pay application. One-way ticket costs around 3 euros. See time tables and other practical information in the service providers website: Seinäjoki Local Traffic.

Venue map