Study Visit programmes

In this page you will find descriptions of study visits. The visits will take place on Wednesday (12.6.) afternoon 14.30-18.00. Each participant may take place in one Study Visit.

The exact details of the study visits will be updating as conference draws closer.

  • Sustainable and resilient agricultural practices

    Visit to Local Farm (TBD)

    During this visit, you will have the opportunity to explore a South Ostrobothnian farm, delving into the heart of the countryside and witnessing the diverse activities of the local farm. This visit provides a unique chance to see the structure and daily life of a Finnish farm. Depending on the specific farm we visit, we may explore the fields or familiarize ourselves with the production buildings. The exact details of the farm will be updated on this page, as the farm is settled. 

    The visit offers a profound understanding of the operations of a South Ostrobothnian farm, its sustainable agricultural practices, and unique features. The farm’s hosts will guide you through the cultivated fields, explain the growth processes of various crops, and discuss the farm’s role in local food production. If the chosen farm has livestock, we will strive to arrange a visit to the production facilities within the constraints of hygiene regulations. 

  • Food laboratories for the future

    Frami Food Lab & Foodwest Ltd
    (Obs! Only 50 places for this visit)

    This visit is directed towards two food production destinations, namely Frami Food Lab and Foodwest Ltd. Frami Food Lab, the food laboratories of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (SeAMK), create a unique multidisciplinary learning environment in the Frami area on SeAMK’s campus. Frami Food Lab serves as an education and testing platform for food processing technologies. It provides an opportunity to explore various raw materials such as meat, dairy products, cereal products, and a variety of beverages. The laboratory platform can be utilized for both education and research and development projects with partners and companies, both locally and internationally. 

    Second part of the visit lets us acquaint ourselves with Foodwest Ltd, which offers a unique perspective on innovations in the food industry. Foodwest Ltd combines cutting-edge technology with an innovative approach, providing food industry companies the opportunity to develop new products and optimize production processes. Their expertise covers a wide range of food products, and the visit offers a chance to witness firsthand how technology and research are integrated into practical applications in the food industry.

    Please note that the visit accommodates only two groups of 25 people each, so reserve your spot and join us on an inspiring journey into the future of food! 

  • Sustainable and Circular Food Companies

    Atria Suomi Oy

    This visit is directed towards the Atria Group, one of the leading meat and food industry companies in Northern Europe. Atria cherishes a food journey that began over 120 years ago on Finnish family farms, with a recipe that endures for future generations. The company’s motto is “Good food – better mood.” Atria’s renewal and growth are built on excellent commercial expertise and an efficient, responsible approach.  

    During this visit, you have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of one of Finland’s leading food companies and its operations from field to fork. Atria is a key player in the Finnish sustainable and responsible food chain, renowned for its high-quality products. Likely, the visit will include a tour of either a broiler or pig farm near Seinäjoki. Atria consistently invests in animal welfare and sustainable production, and the visit provides an opportunity to witness these practices in action. 

  • Sustainable forestry & restoration activities

    Forest related programme (TBD) and visit to Forest/Peatswamp

    First part of the programme will be determined soon.

    The second part of the visit will take us into the heart of nature, where we will experience the splendid biodiversity of the region. Walking on boardwalks, we will encounter various forest and bog ecosystems, respecting the delicate ecosystem of the marshlands. Together, these destinations provide a diverse experience, showcasing both industrial forestry and the unique natural environment. 

  • Local Drinks and Spirits Production

    Kyrö Distillery Company & Pirula estate (TBD)
    (Obs! Only 50 places for this visit)

    A visit to two local beverage production facilities provides a unique perspective on the regional craft beverage culture. The tour will offer an interesting contrast between traditional and modern beverage industries, providing a unique insight into the diverse beverage culture of the region. 

     The first stop will likely be at a rustic farm of Pirula estate with a history dating back to the 19th century. There, we will witness the traditional methods of beverage crafting. Pirula farm produces a wide range of beverages, including wines, ciders, beers, and distilled spirits. The ambiance will reflect the local rural spirit, and as visitors, we will delve into the farm’s unique story and traditions. 

    At the second location, Kyrö Distillery Company, is surrounded by a more modern industrial atmosphere. They have won multiple prices in international spirits competition, latest recognition being the first place in World’s Gin Awards 2023 for the worlds best gin. Here we will explore spirits production process from start to finish. Kyrö Distillery Company specializes in rye-based drinks such as whiskey, gin and adjacent products. We will hopefully have the opportunity to taste the final products.